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What is all the fuss about walking exercise?

Research shows on average it takes about 20 minutes to walk around 2,000 steps.

The number of steps will vary depending on your stride and speed, but one mile tends to be about 2,000 steps.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you should get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense physical activity like walking in per week.

Plenty of research shows walking exercise may help elevate your mood, feel more energetic and less fatigued, lose weight, lowers risk of heart disease by 8% (according to research from the University of Leicester), reduce risk of premature death by 1/3, help reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, and reduce fat in the heart, liver, and intestines.

In another study by the National Academy of Sciences showed that a daily walk can help improve spatial memory as well as lower the risk of dementia.

The key is to take in less calories than you burn off.

These benefits all increase with longer and faster walks.

Even though these benefits from walking are well researched, sometimes being motivated to do so can be frustrating.

Fact is, it is easier to motivate yourself with something tangible that you can create a clear mental picture of, than an idea of being fit.

By tracking your reward points, you are more likely to be motivated to walk more often and walk further to earn more points to purchase desired products.

At Challenge Rewards the members earn reward points that vary though the different levels of walking challenges that are tracked through an exercise app downloaded to their device of choice.

With the rewards points they can purchase exercise and yoga equipment and accessories, fitness fashion apparel, e-Books on diets, meditation, memory, and stress relief, and more.

Members can also choose to purchase these with cash at a discounted retail price because of their membership status.

As a member, you compete against last months results and work toward free products posted on your membership dashboard and have constant motivation to earn points for purchases throughout the month.

Exercise and yoga equipment consists of at home gym type stuff like mats, resistance bands, weights, stretching assists, agility drills, and more.

Fitness fashion apparel consists of shirts, pants, compression items, shoes, polarized glasses, smart watches and more.

Walking accessories like walking sticks, sunglasses, smart watches, hats, shoes, and more.

The E-Books consists of information on meditation, stress relief, diets, exercise, and spiritual help.

To get started browse through the member’s only products store and click on a free product or products that you want. That product or products will be put on your member’s dashboard to serve as motivation. Look at the points you will need to earn to get this/these product/products for free.

Then look at the point potential for the different challenges, the private Facebook page, and the referral program, and birthday gift at Challenge Rewards, How to Earn Reward Points, to see the point potential of each program.

Next, set up you goal strategy and challenges to accumulate the points needed for the free product/products.

Check your members’ dashboard often to stay on course, motivated, and accountable to reach you goals.

You will be amazed how quickly points add up to reach your goals and earn free products.

Browse the store weekly to see the new products that are added to see more goal motivating free products.