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Our Journey

Challenge Rewards is owned and operated by Robert and Josie Grzywa, a wonderful couple with three beautiful children, two girls and one boy and six amazing grandchildren, four girls and two boys. Both Robert and Josie had various jobs in sales, marketing, and telemarketing when their children were growing up. After the children were in elementary school, Josie went back to school and got a BSN degree in nursing. When she graduated, she worked the night shift for years until it got too much and she wanted a change.

That is when they started their first business together called Creative Faux Finishes. For the next 13 years, they had fun working with great clients and each other. The business was great, and they enjoyed the freedom and independence built. Unfortunately, when the recession hit in 2008, they no longer got the big jobs they had become accustomed to. Also, the business was becoming too physically demanding for them to continue.

Since then, they began spending a lot of time researching alternative ways to help heal their bodies, most notable in how food affects the body. At the same time, they built several different businesses. One was a contractor referral program where the contractors participated in the profits. Another was house flipping, which they enjoyed immensely. Unfortunately, when COVID hit in March of 2020, they had to close their business.

In July 2020, Josie was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer which shook the couple to their core. The stress when she was diagnosed was overwhelming for them both to deal with. Robert loved to go to the gym, but because of COVID he needed to find a different way to stay in shape, relieve stress, and isolate himself from people indoors. Luckily, they had two dogs that he walked every day. These walks seemed to give Robert a mentally needed break from being a caregiver to his wife and kept him fit. As Josie's strength improved, they walked the dogs together, although Robert's walks were cut shorter and less often according to her stamina.

Robert soon found that being with his wife and seeing her improving was the best thing ever but realized nothing was pushing or monitoring him to get in the necessary steps to stay in shape. He also wanted to know if he was getting the required amount of aerobic exercise from just walking to be beneficial. He soon conducted his own research on walking vs. running and was surprised to observe that walking produces many of the same benefits as running. Such benefits include stress relief, lowering your blood sugar, weight loss, reductions in blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and reducing the risk of heart disease.

On top of that, Josie and he both agreed that the walks in the parks were a huge part of their mental healing along with the stress relief and physical benefits. But even after knowing all that, motivation to put in the steps needed for those benefits was missing. That is when they began working on introducing a platform that keeps you healthy and fit and motivates you to begin doing so as well. Soon afterward, Challenge Rewards was created where users receive the combined benefits of holistic physical and mental healing along with the inspiration to stay active.